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Catching up on back reading, and here is some more info on Verizon network/telco fiber, something I know a bit about, since my development is being *100%* converted to FiOS this summer!

I've had several back and forth conversations with our Telecom committee folks, who are talking with Verizon about several points I and others have raised including these:

  1. We don't have a choice. The copper is being disconnected, and fiber installed. If you have DSL, you will be replaced with the lowest FiOS tier. It's not been said if this will cost more than the current special pricing for DSL in the future or not. We have been told that people that signed up for the special '1 year commitment of DSL' will *not* be penalized for that term, anyway.

But, we will be all fiber by the end of the summer.

  1. The internal copper telco wiring in your home will be connected to the new OND (Optical Network Device? I forget) demarc, and your telephone lines will be converted at that time. Network connectivity is via a Cat5e or better cable to be connected to the OND and then to a new router that you 'have' to use since it has some special troubleshooting 'stuff' in it. I intend to put my Vonage box behind that, and then my other router and switches behind that, as is the case now. (Good thing I know networking... :-) )

The network connection can be an issue in many cases, since most people don't have their current router near the demarc (but in some convenient room where telco copper lines went), and it's unclear how much inside network cabling Verizon will do as part of this installation. :-)

  1. With 15 down/2 up, there's no reason VoIP shouldn't work very well. I currently use Vonage over a cable modem (4 down/768k up, theoretically, and it's fine). I've read the terms of service for FiOS (see
    formatting link
    ) and as far as I can see, all/most of the DSL terms of service still apply).

  1. And, as was stated, all the future features/issues of video-on- demand, satellite-equivalent channels (what they *really* want the fiber in place for) is up in the air. Note that the current Verizon DirecTV arrangement is for new customers only, and is merely a billing discount; there's no delivery of DirecTV signals over Verizon lines at this time, either copper or fiber, that I'm aware of!

Hope that's useful!

Lee Sweet

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