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( I originally wrote "virus chacking", with the second word being a manglement, so to speak, of "checking" and "whacking". Might be a good word...)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do the same thing here. Although I am

.... [ snip ] ...

to examine, claim or destroy those items. Naturally I get between 75-100 > viruses most days, and about the same number of spams at my > account. Little check boxes allow for deliver, destroy, .....

While filters for "spam" have a pretty serious risk/tradeoff of false positives, so simply sending all suspicious e-mail to the garbage is risky (but often done at of necessity...) many of the current anti-virus products are pretty good

You might want to check with your various ISPs (or the e-mail clients you're using) to see if there's a simple "kill all viruses and executables" e-mail.

That would help make your situation a bit more manageble.

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