[telecom] copper wire circuits to central offices was such a quaint notion

Verizon just filed official doc's to "retire" a whole big bunch of copper based facilities.

This one refers to their NY operation, with lots of NYC "wire centers" going bye bye.

"Verizon plans to retire a number of copper facilities and replace them with fiber facilities to provide services over its fiber-to- the-home network infrastructure"

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FCC filings are often available in Microsoft Word, quasi text, and pdf formats. The URLs are identical except for the trailing portion.

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Which in the end means consumers will pay higher prices for lower quality service. FWIW, my friends who have FIOS report frequent outages, long delays for repairs, and no service during a power failure (the supposed backup battery being a joke.)

My friends who use cable TV provided phone lines have equal or worse service troubles.

At one time public utility regulators were very concerned over the quality of telephone service. If it decayed, they let the telephone company know about it, and the phone company was ordered to provide service improvements, even at great cost.

Sadly, those days are gone. The telephone and cable companies were able to get almost all (or all) of their services deregulated, so the public utility regulators have no jurisdiction. It's exactly as if we returned to the robber baron days of 100 years ago. No one seems to care.

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