Vonage to FCC: Qwest is Playing Nice, so SBC Should, Too

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Vonage to FCC: Qwest is playing nice, so SBC should, too

-Posted by Russell Shaw @ 2:44 pm

[.....] Vonage claims "that SBC has agreed to begin discussions on working cooperatively to improve 911 offerings available to customers using VoIP," Wilhelm wrote. "However, Vonage also noted its concern that SBC has already provided 911 interconnection access to its unregulated VoIP affiliate.

"The terms and conditions of the access granted its affiliate are also not being made public and are subject to a non-tariffed 'ancillary' agreement," Wilhelm added. "Vonage reiterated its strong concern about any practice that would permit an ILEC to offer 911 access to its unregulated affiliate on a confidential and non-tariffed basis while restricting customers of other VoIP services from receiving the same level of access."

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