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Came across an interesting product, apparently its an easy to follow wiring system that covers all type of wiring applications. It also includes a unique labeling system.

Does anyone have any info on this? The product is on amazon and its called 'athomesmart'.

Cheers, AJ

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There's a free home pre-wire guide on the 'Net that you might like to peruse before spending money on one. Also, unique labeling systems might not be understandable to the next guy who purchases or works on the house.

FWIW, I've used a simple, easy to understand and extremely inexpensive method of labeling cables for many years and it works fine. Write directly on the jacket using a blue or black "Sharpie" brand, fine point laundry marker. Most other labels can come off or wear away during wire pulling. Sharpie will be there until Jesus comes back.

I write a foot or two from each end of each cable what it does and where the other end is -- for example, "Left Rear Living Rm Window" on an alarm wire. At the other end it might say "Master Control Panel" or "Hall Closet Zone Expander".

The method isn't UL or anything else but it works well, costs next to nothing and is understandable to anyone except a Dell tech support guy. :^)

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Robert L Bass

Gee, I thought use of the words "Dell" and "tech support" as a descriptive phrase was an oxymoron. Fortunate are those who build their own, and understand the true meaning of plug & play...


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