[Telecom] Where is area code 390?

Where is area code 390? Someone whose caller ID data says 390-599-9148, name "LRG", is apparently violating the Do-Not-Call Act. We got a call from a machine that said "press 1 to speak to an agent" and did not connect us to anyone when we pressed 1. Googling the number, I see that others have received similar calls, sometimes very persistently.

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I have, reluctantly, added caller id to my phone service, since my eighteen-year-old is juggling three or four girlfriends, all of whom call every fifteen minutes wanting to know where he is right now.

Yesterday, I tried to call an unfamiliar number that showed on my CID, but I received a recording saying that the caller id is fraudulent. As with any other innovation, there's always someone willing to break the rules to get an edge over the competition: what surprised me, however, is that it's gotten so bad that my IEC had to trap the number.

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I get invalid numbers all the time, I've seen 000-000-0000, 111-111-1111 etc.

Having administered a switch that was connected to a digital trunk sure I had the ability to to send fraudulent CLID but I set it to the main number for that entity.

There should be serious penalties for fudging CLID.

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The telephone company knows who the line belongs to and there should be minimal parsing for valid Caller ID, rejecting such numbers. So if invalid Caller ID is present, it should substitute the line number of the outbound trunk.

The only sure-fire way of avoiding the issue of invalid CLID is not to allow the caller to pass it along to begin with.

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