Wrong area code within overlay

I take it this happens from time to time in places with overlay area codes.

I just got a call on a telephone whose number is in area 410. The caller had used area code 410 when he should have used area code 443.

The prefix was 278 (reached the one in 410 when the one in 443 was intended).

I think the caller ID display I saw had 410-525.

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If the telephone is in area 410, and the caller "had used area code

410 when he should have used 443", isn't that just a wrong number?

Assuming you meant the obverse, if the area code was changing, there would be a time period during which either area code would map to the same exchange code(s), but if an overlay was added, then this sounds like a translation error.

Note, however, that since your post was sent from a .mil address, I assume you're using a DoD phone and other factors may apply: whatever the successor is to Autovon, the translations are handled by DoD and they may follow different rules.

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Seems to me it was merely a wrong number, only the area code was misdialed.

I've done that. I call someone I haven't called in a while and forgot or didn't know their area code was split or changed. I get someone who has the 10 digit number I dialed, but not the person I wanted.

I still haven't gotten used to area codes that aren't 0 or 1 in the middle digit, and exchanges that do have a 0 or 1 in the middle. Indeed, it's rare that I call someone in a "classic" area code.

But I don't care about wrong numbers (unless it's a Carribean area code with a huge charge with it). The toll cost for work for a very brief call is only a few cents and I have unlimited at home. In the distant past, a wrong number meant calling the operator and reporting it, then making a note in case it appeared on the bill because the cost wasn't inconsequential.

Likewise for disconnects, that used to be a problem per above to get credit, but now it doesn't matter. I'm a little annoyed about them on my cell phone since it bills by rounded minute and reconnects waste time, but I normally am well within my allowance so I don't care. I think they do give credits. When I had a la carte charging I would complain about day time disconnects and get credit.

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Now that numbers are ported to cell phones, the overlays and area codes no longer convey geographic information.

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