The "bar wars" AT&T vs. Verizon [telecom]

Both AT&T and Verizon cell phone units have been running frequent TV ads each claiming the best coverage.

Any objective information available on who is better?

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Each of them has good coverage as well as their own dead spots, but with roaming coverage seems to be good. A few years ago I switched to Sprint since they had a better deal at the time and I have had very few problems with them on coverage or service. In short each has their good and bad, it depends on what you want.

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Steven Lichter

I would just like to expand on Stephen's comment and point out that a precise answer is likely to depend on where you live and/or plan to use the phone. When I got my first cell phone, there were actually major differences in the coverage maps from the various carriers. These days, that's not so significant, but you might have to just find a person with each provider and have them shadow your typical routine.

Daniel W. Johnson

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I started out using GTE mobile net, at the time there were 2 carriers in each coverage area, one was the wire line company and the other wireless only. I'm considered to be in Los Angeles, even though I'm in Riverside. I worked for GTE California and GTE gave employees phones to use for a very good price plus a monthly charge, this was plus usage. My first one was a 3 watt bag phone which had very good coverage. I had the service when I ran into a problem with Mobile Net and switched to Pacific Bell, it took me 2 days to get it switched because Mobile Net would not release the ESN. I had the service with several phones over the years and ended it when Air Touch merged with and became Verizon Wireless aqain went to Sprint. As I said before the service seems to be good in most areas of the country I travel in; mostly the western US. My home seems to be in a wireless dead spot, all companies, don't know whet, but I have a place in the mountains and my phones work great their. My daughter has T-mobile and is happy with it and m brother ans sister have other services and are happy. I would say that if it works for you then it is right.

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