Pat is spending his birthday in the hospital

To the digest's readers:

According to LeEtta Bustos, one of Pat Townson's caregivers, he was admitted to the hospital last night with congestive heart failure. LeEtta told me they expect to keep him for a couple of days.

Mercy Hospital Room 217 Independence KS 67301

The hospital's main number is 620-331-2200.

I talked to a nurse who politely told me that HIPAA regulations prevent her from saying anything. You'll know more when I do.


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Bill Horne
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Sorry to hear that. For the medically uninitiated, we should add that "heart failure" means "inadequate pumping" and is often correctable. It doesn't necessarily mean his heart is never going to work properly again.

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I just got off the phone with Pat: he sounded very tired, but said that he'll probably go home tomorrow. I wished him a happy birthday on behalf of the readers, and also a speedy recovery.


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