Someone at Verizon hit "send" too soon ... [telecom]

I just opened an email from Verizon, which was sent to me, I assume, because I have "HSI" service, which AFAIK means "ADSL".

Subject: Important storm-related updates regarding your Verizon HSI service Date: 13 Feb 2015 23:00:23 -0500 From: Verizon Notification To:

Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

There's no doubt that this winter has been one for the ages. As another major snowstorm approaches this weekend, rest assured that we are prepared to quickly resolve any potential issues. Whether brief or lengthy, a power outage is one of the most common storm-related occurrences. Knowing that, we'd like to provide you with some helpful information in preparation of a potential outage.

*What should I do in the event of a power outage?*

Visit (Long, individually identifiable URL censored - bh) from your computer, smartphone, or wireless device to:

  • Track current outages
  • Find answers to equipment repair and backup service questions
  • Create a "Repair Request" if needed

Now, please note that whomever wrote the message worded the above, NOT ME.

I quote - "... from your computer ..."

I'll concede that a smartphone or even a "wireless device" might be able to visit during a power outage, but my laptop won't be able to, *AND* they invited me to "Create a Repair Request if needed".

After that, there was some more advice on how to reset my modem once the power came back on ...

Most issues can be resolved by unplugging and plugging your Verizon equipment back in (Modem, Router, etc).

... so there was, at least to that extent, some recognition that things might have to happen AFTER the power is restored - but it's also clear that they were addressing home users, not just mobile ones.

Which leads me to an important question: am I the only one that wants to pick up the handset of my genuine Western Electric 2500DM set, and call whomever entered this message, and ask "How will I create a 'Repair Request' *ONLINE* if the power is out"?

Maybe the rest of the world has uninterruptible power supplies. Maybe there's a new kind of solar panel that works during a snowstorm. Maybe it's a not-so-subtle demand that I never bother the phone company by calling them on the phone.

Maybe it's just me. :-(


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