Verizon will no longer activate 3G phones; network will shut down at the end of 2019 [telecom]

By Alan Friedman

Do you remember your first 3G smartphone? For yours truly, it was the BlackBerry Storm, which was released half-baked from Verizon on November 21st, 2008. Let's say that after all these years, you want to re-activate your old Storm or BlackBerry Storm 2 (the latter was a decent phone) on the Verizon network. That will no longer be possible. A statement released today by Big Red confirms that the nation's largest carrier is no longer activating devices that do not support 4G LTE connectivity.

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Note that there are a large number of timekeeping devices deployed which depend on the IS-95/IS-2000 CDMA netwok to deliver precision time synchronization. Unlike LTE, the CDMA network was designed to deliver a precise GPS time reference to all receivers, even those which are not (paying) authenticated clients.


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