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Well ... it's been 2 1/2 months now waiting on my phone number to

> transfer to Vonage. I'm not sure who's holding up the transfer but > this is ridiculous. Vonage claims it's not their fault (probably > isn't) but my question is, who do I complain to? My current carrier > (MCI) doesn't want to hear about it and, again, Vonage claims it's not > their fault. > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well again, like the other day, in this > case MCI is _probably not_ the underlying carrier, but probably just > a UNI-P operation. Like the guy using AT&T for 'local service' the > other day, more than likely MCI in this instance is at the mercy of > whomever the 'real' carrier of record in your area is. Southwestern > Bell perhaps? When Vonage put in the transfer request to MCI, then > MCI in turn had to tell the 'actual carrier' about it. What does > Vonage say other than 'not our fault'? Can you get them to audit or > trace the transaction for you? You also said 'MCI does not want to > hear about it'. Can you be more specific? Does your number actually > _belong_ to you? Do you have that part of it under control? Please > give us a few more details. PAT]

I called MCI again and they say there is absolutely no reason why the number can't be transferred. Vonage says they have no idea why it's not being transferred so, again, who do I call? I asked MCI if they were the actual carrier or if there was a third party involved and the rep said that MCI was the actual carrier... but the guy didn't sound very sure of himself. My guess is that there is a third party and that's where it's being held up. Not sure what I can do at this point other than wait ...

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If MCI is telling you there is 'absolutely no reason why the number cannot be transferred' then tell them to please transfer it while you are waiting on the line attempting to audit/trace the procedure. I can assure you that MCI was NOT the 'actual carrier'. When phone numbers and area codes, etc were first assigned, there was no such 'phone company' as MCI. The actual carrier is one of the Bells, no doubt. I assume your Vonage line is working with its own number which is what you wish to have transferred. PAT]
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