Vonage Trying to Reuse My SC Number

A few minutes ago, I got a call (on my SC line) from someone asking to speak to Nancy. She confirmed that she had dialed my number. I told her that there has never been a Nancy here.

A few minutes later, I got a call from someone named Nancy who said that she had just gotten Vonage service and Vonage had assigned her this number.

Since I originally had that number from Vonage, I explained to her that I had ported the number from Vonage to Carolina Net quite some time ago. She said she'd have to call Vonage and request a new number.

I called Vonage and spoke to Tina. After I explained that that number was no longer available for Vonage to re-assign, she called the appropriate people. They are going to assign Nancy a new telephone number.

Tina opened a ticket for me on this. I told Tina to make sure they didn 't do anything to cause my SC number any problems. She said they wouldn't interfere with my number.

I called Carolina Net to let them know what is happening. I got music on hold for a good little bit before they came on the line.

I called Carolina Net and informed them of this phenomenon. Caroline (Carolina Net) said that she is opening a ticket on this and will inform the porting department to make sure that I don't lose my number.

Can anything else this simple to handle go wrong?


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Fred Atkinson
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