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Further to my previous message [TD 25:64] about one-call centers, the

> FCC has designated 811 as a universal one-call number. All available > N11 codes are now in use in the United States, either by FCC assignment > or by what the FCC calls "traditional usage": > 211 Community Information and Referral Services > 311 Non-Emergency Police and Other Governmental Services > 411 Local Directory Assistance > 511 Traffic and Transportation Information (US); > Available for Reassignment (Canada) > 611 Repair Service > 711 Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) > 811 Access to One Call Services to Protect Pipeline and > Utilities from Excavation Damage (US); Available for > Reassignment (Canada) > 911 Emergency > Source: 2003 NeuStar, Inc.
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> According to the Dig Safely website, no one-call center has started > using 811 yet.
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> According to the FCC order, it must be fully implemented by April 2007. >
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> Neal McLain

One would have thought that just maybe they'd reserve 811 for 811xx things so more could be added later. :(

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