Re: So, Did it Snow By You on Sunday?

If anyone had/still has any doubts about whether or not 'global

> warming' has started in ernest need only look to the US east coast > throughout the day on Sunday. But that was (still is, at this writing) > such an aberation, maybe global warming is underway and we just do not > appreciate it.. > The news wire on Sunday was just full of items about the 'greatest > snowstorm ever' on the east coast', So I just picked one at random > which seemed to tell the story as well as any, with a reasonably > recent dateline on it, so as to include any late breaking > developments.

And, as usual, the wires were wrong. Yes, it was a big snow, for MA. But trivial compared to the Blizzard of '78. I have about a foot or so on my lawn. Because it coincided with a high tide, the coastal town of Winthrop, MA got a storm surge, but that isn't unusual. The storm wasn't unusual; the mildness of the winter has been, and that has helped keep heating oil expenses tolerable.

_Apparently_ the storm has subsided almost everywhere, now it is > just a matter of cleaning up the streets and sidewalks, and my > experience with this, based on the Chicago example at the end of > January, 1967 and again in April, 1978 is that they will be struggling > with the mess for at least a month, and probably two months, with > thick, muddy, dirty, ice-encrusted sidewalks and bus stops. Do take > care as you walk around over the next few days.

No, because it occured on a Sunday, most folks stayed home and watched the tape-delayed Olympics from snow-free Torino, the plows had plenty of warning, and the roads are OK. Local news spent almost a minute of tape on a gap-toothed yokel who managed to spin out into a snow bank in his Suzuki 4WD. It was more dangerous to be quail hunting in Texas with Dick Cheney.


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