Los Angeles Numbering, 1940s

Last night I watched an old 1946 movie set in Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood and out to Malibu (the movie is "The Blue Dahlia" for anyone who wants to look out for it -- Alan Ladd & Veronica Lake).

Phone numbers were used several times, which I am assuming were of the

2L-4N format -- They were given as name plus four digits and I believe from previous discussions here that Los Angeles never used 3L-4N numbering.

One central office name used was Hillside, another was Michigan. At least one such call within the area was placed via the operator. Does anyone know if either of these exchanges actually existed in Los Angeles at the time? Were there still many manual offices in the city?

The Michigan office was used in reference to a local police department, the number given being Michigan 5211. If a Michigan exchange did in fact exist, does anyone know if this was a genuine police number for the area? (If so, could it even still be around today, possibly as 64x-5211?)


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