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>> Vonage has started tacking on a ten dollar surcharge if you want

>> to receive faxes over their service. >> There used to be a whole bunch of internet "free fax" services, where >> you would get assigned a phone number, and faxes received on that >> number would get emailed to you. They made their money on the >> arbitrage of call settlement. >> But I can't seem to find any such services anymore. They all have >> free 30 day trials, but then require a monthly subscription fee. >> Would about $14 a year be O.K? I switched from efax to maxEmail >>
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about 3 years ago. It works fine for >> incoming and I have yet to use up my $3.00 outbound fax credit. >> They have some limit for free faxes on the plan, but I have never >> exceeded it, (200 or 500 I think). >> Carl Navarro

I used efax couple of times, they seem to be okay even as free service. You might like to see the comparison of different fax services here at ...

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