RouterSim or NetSim? Target systems: 600-800 Mhz.


I would like to train a group of aspiring students who want to work with cisco router environment. Tough call, but real routers are a bit pricy here. Getting older models out of ebay won't be cheap either from where I reside. Though I prefer working with Dynamips, but it takes load of CPU resources even after setting up optimized idlepc and so called Ghost RAM. Almost all the PCs used here in the classroom are of 600-800 mhz (celeron). I gave a try with Boson's demo version of router simulator: NetSim, but it seems little taxing (not always) on those systems. It's okay almost all the time but it takes really long time when loading a complex template.

I heard routersim

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is g-r-e-a-t but how does it fare when it comes to running that on 600-800 mhz systems?

Any ideas on which simulators to be bought?


-- Raqueeb Hassan Bangladesh

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Raqueeb Hassan
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I have used this one-its pretty good- a few commands do not work though. And its free

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Checkout Dynamips - Cisco router emulator . works great,I am using myself for my CCNP

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