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Hi all,

I do want to know that how can i set my Linksys router to block the bittorrent for monopolizing the bandwidth. In other word, I want to block bittorrent.. Is that .Possible. ??

How would it be ?? I had try port forwarding but i don't know how it should be done .. Any advice from you guys ??

Thanks in advance

Regards, Billy

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First of all, what Linksys model do you have? I have a Linksys BEFSX41, the most recent firmware version for this model has QoS controls so you can control what apps get priority of your bandwidth. You may be able to do this kind of think in your OS too.

Second, what torrent software are you using? Azureus tends to put most of its traffic on port 6881. Also note that you can (and should) set your bandwidth into the options of your torrent client. For example, if you have 1024 Kibps down and 512 Kibps up bandwidth from your ISP, set those figures (or better yet, slightly below so other web traffic can squeeze through your pipe) into the options of your torrent client.

Good luck. If you answer the above questions, we can help you more.

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Yes, Voidxor is right. You might like to read the "Access Restrictions" section in the following link.

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-- Raqueeb Hassan Bangladesh

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Raqueeb Hassan


Thanks for the reply, I don't have internet connection this few days so didn't reply :p however, the modal of my wireless router is BEFW11S4 firmware 1.52.02 and i don't think so that it do have a QoS control..

Ya i heard people are saying about blocking ports and so one . but i don't know how .. I am doing the configuration in the port forwarding section and then set the designated port that bittorrent is using. But still then people still can BT ... I am doing this correctly?


Regards, Billy

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