Re: How Do I Do Something to Phone Solicitation People?

Was the call received on your cell phone?

> Does your cell phone company (or any cell phone company) retain any > SS7 "out of band" information on incomming calls? If so, then you > could get that information from your cell phone company. > >> Someone *identifying himself* as "Mike" from >>
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called me to sell me a $49.95 TV satellite >> dish installation. They call at random times and frequency, but it >> seems to be about two calls per day, usually in the evening. I've >> politely told them to take me off their list several times. It doesn't >> work, of course.

Well, I don't know what happens when some numbers get ported to another carrier and then to another, shouldn't that parent provider or FCC (as these are under some regional dial plan) keep some records like where these numbers have been ported to and/or records of change or ownership? I think most numbers are bound to SSN of individuals or some corporates. I might be wrong.

Just curious. Having said that we still can't port numbers between carriers. Wish we could have our old numbers back!

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