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I finally called again on 3/24, sat on hold for a while and finally

> was connected to the "retention department". It took about 5 minutes > (mostly on hold) to handle the actual cancellation. The clerk was very > helpful. When I mentioned my 3/18 call, she told me that they had > over 3,000 tickets in queue waiting for calls back and that it was "a > staffing issue" (they need more people).

Oh, you think Vonage is bad? Have a gander at cancelling through Packet8:

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In short: I cancel, but they change the TOS so conviently I owe them more money to cancel. They they put me on the wringer because they can't process my credit card for strange reason, then won't take another credit card to charge the fee, yet threatened to send a collection agency after me. Why? Not for security reasons, not becuase they thought I was a deadbeat. Simply because no one was in the mood to actually operate their credit card payment system when I called.

After that, I dusted off my old Vonage ATA from a while back, swallowed my pride and had it reactivated, and have not look back. All because I was a cheapskate and wanted to save an extra $5 a month for unlimited calls. I've got a cell phone with free LD too and it does have plenty of extra minutes at the end of every month, but frankly, I prefer the sound quality of a VoIP call (which at its most minimal takes up around 15-30kpbs of bandwidth) to a cell call (which tops out at 13kbps in rare instances, but you're typically lucky to get around 8kbps and tyou can HEAR the difference). I don't think I'll ever dump my cell phone, and am glad to have it when I'm out and about, but if a VoIP or landline phone is nearby, then I'll still use it.

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