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>> These devices are illegal to install and operate. Only a licensee is

>> authorized by the FCC to install these devices. The fact that they are >> easily purchased does not make them legal to use. >> They are frequently the source of interference to commercial wireless >> systems and more importantly, they are frequently the source of >> interference to Public Safety radio systems. >> There have been recent instances of law enforcement showing up at a >> location where one of these devices is in use and demanding it be >> disabled to stop interference to their radio system. > I had no idea this was the case -- and maybe it explains why Googling > on the topic brought up such a mixed bag of mostly not very useful > responses. > So, here's a Verizon customer, sitting at the north end of Silicon > Valley, not way out in the hills, just a mile or two from downtown > Palo Alto -- and less than one tower in the display on my phone. Any > advice on how to approach Verizon about this?

You wanta bet that it is the people in the area that don't want the cell towers in their area? We had a problem in a upper coast area of Riverside, Calif. and at the time it was AirTouch. There was spotty service at the best. Finally they got so many complaints that they told the people that unless they could build sites there they would not have service. They slowed the voices down and a couple of sites were built to look like trees and a few more were put off the main highways, now service is a lot better, but still dead spots because of hills.

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