Re: Welcome or Not, Cell Phones Set for Subway

Ellen Wulfhorst wrote:

>> In seeking public comment last year, the Federal Communications >> Commission, which deals with if it's technically feasible to operate >> phones on planes, heard from thousands of people, many of whom focused >> on passenger "air rage." > On commuter trains, the cell phone usage is very annoying. People > talk loudly. Do cellphones have enough sidetone or too much > anti-sidetone circuitry? > At my local convenience store a customer was loudly yaking away on her > cell phone, including liberal use of profanities, and created a > disturbance. She utterly ignored requests to go outside; as if her > phone conversation was more important than anyone else. A lot of cell > phone talkers have that nasty attitude. > Talking while driving is very distracting. Regularly motorists yaking > pull up to the wrong lane and then block traffic trying to switch > over. They still don't hang up even then.

Last year in Riverside, Ca. a person talking on a cell phone on the Freeway rearended a car with a family, killing several of them, he was charged and convicted of Murder, not Manslaughter as has been in the past. More of these trials are needed until the people in charge pass laws and then enforce them.

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