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>> Verizon announced it will discontinue cellular analog service next >> February 2008. >> Has any of the other cellular carriers made such an announcement? > I was notified by OnStar that I had "digital ready" analog equipment > in my 2003 Chevy Truck. It used Verizon Wireless' AMPS service to > connect to the OnStar call center in addition to being able to make > and receive cellular calls from a pre-paid bucket purchased from > OnStar. > My Chevy dealer upgraded the cellular portion of the OnStar hardware > (called a TCU for Telecommunications Control Unit) to CDMA > digital-only hardware in exchange for my committing to keep the > service for another year. This is basically similar to any cellular > carrier willing to give me a free phone in exchange for a one-year > service commitment. > If they hadn't done this upgrade, my OnStar service wouldn't have > worked past February 2008. The other plus is that this is now a CDMA > digital device on the Verizon Wireless network with its own phone > number, and I can add it to my existing VZW service for $9.95/month > and draw from the same bucket of minutes, with unlimited nights and > weekends, while using the hands-free device built into the truck. > -Stan

You now may find that in some areas you will not be able to get service, since Analog tends to carry farther. To bad the emergency call center part does not use the satellite feature

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