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>> jhhaynes at earthlink dot net > Wow. Nice. > Cox takes top honors in a bunch of JD Powers categories. > What strikes me is the facility-powered phone lines. Apparently, > everyone else is too cheap to do that. In my area, Charter > Communications, the local cable franchisee, does phones too -- our > current phone service is from Charter - and out in Apple Valley, > Verizon is offering FiOS. Both services require the end-user to > provide battery backup. In my case, the unit Charter says to use is > about $100. (I'm sure we'll eventually get one - but we don't have the > extra money right now.) > Quotes: > Cox also decided to make its phone service network-powered from the > outset, despite the fact that it was more costly and time-consuming > than using local power and battery backup. > "We included generator backup in many parts of the country," Bowick > said. "We built hardened facilities -- our master telecom centers were > built very early on with NEBS compliance just as you would expect a CO > to be. Everything was done top-notch before we entered the business. > Early on, it wasn't without some difficulty. This was a new business > we had to learn. But redundancy was key; network powering was key.." > and: > Cox also chose to build its own national fiber backbone network so it > could offer local and long-distance voice services without having to > lease capacity from other service providers. That national backbone > connects its local markets and provides both long-distance voice and > high-speed Internet transport. > Mark Kaish, Cox's vice president of voice development and support, is > a telecom veteran, having worked at both Sprint and BellSouth before > he joined Cox in 2005. What he found when he arrived at Cox was a > level of enthusiasm for voice services that reminded him of earlier > days when telcos were launching data services. > Steve Sobol, Professional Geek ** Java/VB/VC/PHP/Perl ** Linux/*BSD/Windows > Victorville, California PGP:0xE3AE35ED > It's all fun and games until someone starts a bonfire in the living room. > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The one thing telcos have going for > them -- reliability in a power outage -- is something that cable and > internet phones are beginning to learn are very important. PAT]

Cox and Time-Warner got into telephones years before the others, so it would not surprise me that they would build backup systems. I had a friend of mine that went to work for Time-Warner in south Riverside county; he was telephone company trained.

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