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... >So is there an answering machine with an RJ 45 jack and/or /wireless >network capability. Let it hook up to my network like a scanner or >printer. Let me enter email address, SMTP server, etc into a screen. >With a test button of course to send a test email. And have it emails >me the MP3 files. And give me a screen which I can see all the stored >voice mails so I can manage those. >I figure the cost wuold be somewhere about $70. I'd pay that and tell >the telco there's one more monthly fee I'm not paying.

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does everything you ask "in the cloud".

It is still invitation-only, but there is a link at which you can request an "invite" and Google will send you one shortly. (I got mine the next day after asking.)

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For what it's worth, I just bought a plain digital answering machine at Target store for $15.00, AT&T brand, that works just fine. It allows for remote pickup of calls, and variable rings before pickup, plus some other features. Just wanted to mention there are simple and cheap alternatives.

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