Answering machine with Caller ID needed [Telecom]

Perhaps one or more list members can save me a lot of time by offering their recommendations. I am seeking a reliable POTS answering machine that supports Caller ID over Call Waiting, User-recorded spoken names that play when associated callers are detected, a large legible LCD, and a flashing LED indicating when messages are waiting to be heard. This is for an elderly person.

Given the poor manufacturing quality of customer-premises POTS equipment these days, I thought that Telecom Digest list members might offer their learned opinions on what models to consider. Thanks very much!


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The Meridian 9516CW is a high quality machine that fills the bill. They aren't inexpensive and proof that you get what you pay for.

I have several. The last one I purchased was marketed with the Ameritech label.

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I paid $175 one year ago. You can find them refurbished for less money.

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