Answering machine with network connection and email capability [telecom]


I got to thinking. Why am I paying $7 (or whatever0 to telco for voice mail. Those idiots only just recently added the abiltiy to send your voice mails via email as MP3s. While I've only spent 10 or 20 minutes I can't figure out the UI to get it working. (And I've been working with computers for 35 years. I should be able to figure this out easily.)

So is there an answering machine with an RJ 45 jack and/or /wireless network capability. Let it hook up to my network like a scanner or printer. Let me enter email address, SMTP server, etc into a screen. With a test button of course to send a test email. And have it emails me the MP3 files. And give me a screen which I can see all the stored voice mails so I can manage those.

I figure the cost wuold be somewhere about $70. I'd pay that and tell the telco there's one more monthly fee I'm not paying.

Yes, I could and have hooked up a PC with a voice modem and software but sheesh, that's a lot of electrcity on an annual basis.


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Tony Toews [MVP]
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They can include CFWB so people don't get a busy signal; instead they are forced to leave messages or keep calling back.

Google Voice is easier.

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