Please help me to choose a new phone [telecom]

Well, the Google Pixel Fi phone that I received as a gift isn't working out, so I've decided to break my piggybank and buy a new phone.

I'm spoiled when it comes to cell phones: the one I used to have - an LG VS930 - was a gift from my Sister-in-law. It works fine today, but my wife lost her "flip" phone, and so she got the LG model.

I could buy another VS930, but Ting mobile's website says the IMEI on hers won't work on Ting, and that leaves me shopping for a new model.

The requirements:

  1. Must not be incompatible with 5G. The VS930 is a "4G" model, and I don't know when 4G will be sunset, but for now it's OK. However, rather than buy a phone which will be stranded when 4G goes away, I'd rather have one that will last as long as 5G does.

(It just occureed to me that car salesmen all over the world must drool at the thought of being able to sell a product that self-destructs when the mother ship issues a command.)

  1. Works on Ting mobile, with a Verizon SIM.

  1. Talk and Text.

  2. A screen large enough for old eyes.

  1. Likewise, a keyboard that I can use without a microscope.

  2. Some browsing capability: enough to look up a street address online, or find the local Subaru dealer, etc.

  1. Can be used as a WiFi hotspot. I travel with a tablet and a laptop, so I sometimes need to connect one of those to the Internet for on-the-go info.

  2. A competitive warranty and exchange policy.

  1. Does not require me to refinance my house.

A. Ting is advertising a Motorola moto e (2020) for about $100 plus tax. If you have one, please comment on the features, reliability, etc.

B. Ditto the Samsung Galaxy A02s, for about $130. My birthday was last Saturday, and I'm willing to buy myself a present, but I won't go above $150 unless there are *REALLY* compelling reasons to do so.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your time.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne
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