Now, I *HAVE* to buy a phone! [telecom]

I've been looking at various options to replace my wife's LG phone, since Verizon won't allow it to work after this month.

My wife just handed me a list of two models that she likes, and I NEED YOUR ADVICE on which one to buy. Please.

First up, a Nokia G400 (Golf-four-zero-zero). Second, a Samsung Galaxy AO35 (Alpha-Oscar-three-five).

I don't know where she saw them, but the prices she wrote down for me were $217 for the Nokia and $159 for the Samsung.


  1. Which would you buy if you wanted to keep your wife happy? (This really is the first priority)
  2. Are they both 5G phones?
  3. Do either of them have any serious shortcomings?
  4. Will both of them work with tingmobile?

Thanks in advance: as usual, all advice welcome.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne
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Unfortunately, I don't have an opinion on either of those phones, but are you *sure* that her Verizon phone will no longer work after December? Verizon first announced that they are cutting 2/3G CDMA services in December of 2019, and here we are 3 years later... also, T-Mobile GSM 2G is still alive and "well".

When the Verizon notices first went out in 2019, my mother panicked, and ditched my grandfather's 3G Verizon cell phone in favor of a newer model; just a plain flip-phone. Unfortunately, grandpap was deteriorating mentally, and he wasn't able to grasp the use of the new phone; he ended up getting rid of his mobile phone all together. Meanwhile, the networks are still up and running.

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Michael Trew

I'm sure: Verizon Mobile has sent me three letters, stating that the phone won't work on Verizon's network after December of 2022. Verizon Mobile, if it’s anything like Mother Bell, won’t put anything in a letter that could be used against it in court, and lying about the need to buy a new phone certainly meets that prohibition.

As for T-Mobile, I'll have to check that out. The phone is an LG VS930AT, and the tingmobile site says that the IMEI number from it is "incompatible" with their service. I'll check T-Mobile and AT&T as well, so thanks for the tip.

Come to think of it, I was told there's a phone service that works only via WiFi Internet connections, and her old phone might be able to use that for a while. Does anyone know about such as offer?

In the meantime, I'll look for a good price on one of the new phones my wife wants.


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