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The Telecom Digest recently moved to a new, improved server, and we owe a great deal of thanks to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at M.I.T. for their generous support. Noah Meyerhans, our System Administrator, has been helpful and patient while I worked out various kinks.

Now, we're reading to "officially" open the new site, and that means the Digest now has a new address. Frankly, it's a change long past due, because Pat's address is on so many spam lists that it receives upwards of 300 spams per day. Because of that, I'm going to ask your help to keep the new mailing address off the spammer's lists: please don't publish it in machine-readable form.

The new submission address is telecomdigestmoderator at-sign This is the address for _direct_ submissions, i.e., those sent by email and not by a news server. If you've been submitting by using a news server, you don't have to change anything.

I have put filters into the mail processing which will obfuscate this and related addresses in posts. However, the policy on "From" addresses remains the same: we publish them verbatim unless a poster asks to have it removed and/or obfuscated. (If you do, _PLEASE_ put the request in _BOTH_ the Subject and the first line of the message.)

I welcome your suggestions about ways to improve the Digest and make it easier for all of us to avoid spam while we enjoy the Digest.

Bill Horne Temporary Moderator

P.S. Some readers might have seen an earlier message that mentioned a different email address. It was a test to see if you were paying attention. Please disregard it and shred all the evidence.

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Bill Horne
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