Pinch-Hitter needed for the digest [NFP]

I'm in the hospital, and I'm having surgery today.

The Digest will be off-line during my recovery unless one of the readers can pinch-hit and approve posts. If you're available to pinch-hit for a few days, please contact John Levine .

Thanks for considering it.


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Considered and done - Which is why this little batch of messages is showing up in your mailboxes and Usenet browsers right now.

The Spam Bucket is cleaned out so Bill doesn't have to deal with it when he gets back, and if the submitted posts are on-topic I'll pass them through. You know what's acceptable.

There isn't anything waiting in the Obfuscate or Anonymous queue, and I strongly suggest it stay that way. I'm winging it, so please mung it before you send it. And now I get to go through the Digest Generation process - cross your fingers.

Of course I opened the editor in mutt to append a real Moderator's Note online (three times) but for the life of me I can't figure out how to save the edited message and get back to the command line to follow the rest of the routine (bounce to the outgoing aliases). And John uses alpine not mutt - Help!

I'm a MS-DOS and WinTel person... So I'll compose this in Forte Agent like normal, and send it to myself to authorize.

If it works, it wasn't a dumb idea. :-)

Should you know the magic keystroke in mutt, I'm all ears.


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