Last Laugh! Advertiser With a Toll-Free Number

"Publishers Billing Emporium Inc", at PO Box 1787 Provo UT 84603-1787 has a toll-free number of 1-800-834-4181.

They send out postal solicitations touting "one of the lowest available rates we can offer for your regular subscription". This "one of the lowest available" rate was 3 years of Alaska magazine for $60.99.

These clowns evidentally think that anyone who is interested in Alaska must have flunked third-grade arithmetic. You can order a one-year subscription on Alaska magazine's web page for $18/year, or in the most recent magazine there's a subscription card for $16.95 for one year and $29.95 for two years.

With such a valuable offer, they may need some help in testing their toll-free number.

-- Mark --

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I shouldn't be surprised if they spam a lot also ... so many magazine subscription outfits are pretty loose with the volume of email they send out. Oh well, most everyone around here knows the routine by now, I am sure. PAT]
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