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Pat, the toll free number listed below may be of some use to Digest readers.


Charles G. Gray Senior Lecturer, Telecommunications Oklahoma State University - Tulsa (918) 594-8433

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Mr. Gray, I am sure other readers of the Digest will be as thrilled as I to discover this great money- making opportunity, and I encourage everyone to call the number and learn about this new scheme. Wasn't it also great how the message sender, Mr. Souniov, carefully chose an appropriate subject line for his message? I receive _so_ many such messages where the subject line in no way corresponds to the message enclosed. It really makes one wonder what these guys do for brains. Of course, I guess I should be talking about brains; after all, I am still doing this Digest after a quarter-century. PAT]
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Gray, Charles
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