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Thanks for the responses about the Magic Jack power issue I am experiencing.

Magic Jack called my home while I was at work and left a number for me to call them back.

When I did, I got a voice mail with no ID on it and left a message.

I got a call back from a man with a Spanish accent who didn't have any idea who I was or what I was talking about.

I received a response from the BBB [who had contacted them on my behalf since I couldn't otherwise get them to work with me to resolve this] saying that they had attempted to contact me. Of course, I responded by telling them the above and that I was not satisfied with this outcome. As yet, I've not heard any more from Magic Jack.

I've read through the feedback all of you have given and I'll make these replies.

The UPS I have is made by APC.

I tried using a four port USB power adapter in place of the Magic Jack's USB power supply. That didn't work, either.

I don't have a second UPS to try this on.

I called Comcast to try to confirm that the Internet service would not go out due to a power outage in the neighborhood. Their first level CSR told me that (?) would say(?) which I told him meant that he didn't know for sure. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he kept me waiting for several minutes and then I got a busy signal in my ear.

So I called back. After demanding to speak to a supervisor and a long wait for that to happen, I spoke to a supervisor and explained the question and why I was asking it.

She confirmed that my Comcast Internet would NOT go down during a power outage and that if I have backup power to my equipment that I would not lose service. I documented my conversation with her for in the event she has told me wrong. I explained to her that I was about to spend money on this and that it would be pointless to spend the money if the service was going to go down during a neighborhood power outage. That was propaganda since I already have a UPS for this purpose. But I wanted to put her in the position of not wanting to be called out on the rug for telling me wrong.

I also sent an email to a lady that I know at Comcast asking that she forward my message to a Comcast engineer to see what he would say.

Hopefully, I'd get an answer that confirms what that supervisor said.

I was reasonably sure that this was the case before I called.

Hopefully, those folks at Magic Jack will call me back when they get my response to the Better Business Bureau and this time leave a valid phone number.


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