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5XB could RP, MF and DP, in and out

Was it euipped for RP in exchnages or dialing areas which never had any Panel and likely no #1XB, such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, San Antonio and Houston? Wes Leatherock

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I don't know. Never worked in those areas (except Dallas had a school I attended for 4XB, ETS and Teletype Data Speed 40)

I can't remember if the Dallas 4A had or used RP in their senders, or if the DFW area had an XBT. RP is faster than DP, and I seem to believe a lot of COs int he DFW area were SXS. So it would seem logical that RP might have been the pulse of choice between Dallas 4XB, and any possible XBT, or something similar (XBT, Class 4, and/or 5XB) in Ft. Worth. That is, if they didn't use MF exclusively.

I would almost believe any WECo 5XB office probably had identical common control equipment. Whether it was wired or optioned might be another thing. For instance, if there was no need for MF, then MF generators were likely not installed.

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