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This one is real good and gives you a toll free number to find out about it. Be sure to let them know the person's id that you got their number from, I'm sure they would like to thank them for all the phone charges.

Just call 1-800-704-7344 -- and please give them my ID 4733MW.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well thank you Steven, or Michelle, or whoever ... I am sure all the guys know the routine by now. But my question is, what makes calling on complaints via an 800 number used for spam any different than locating a web site owner who has been doing about the same thing. They both could be joe-jobs, they both could be horrible misunderstandings, etc, but I think we all know most of those objections are just red-herrings. They are what they appear to be, affronts to the sensibilities of _most_ netizens. PAT]
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