How to ID provider of toll-free number? [telecom]

Is there a way to identify the provider of a toll-free number?

Not the business that *uses* the number for its customers' access but the company who manages the assignment and configuration of the number?

My ISP in Canada, (or Inter.Net Canada) provides dialup net access for Nova Scotia (area 902) subscribers via a toll-free number, 844-244-9946. This has been working as expected for several years. Recently it has begun to answer either with a BUSY signal or with a voice recording saying the call cannot be completed. (No SIT tones, though.) The recording is in English, then French, then a voice says "5 8 6 3" and the message repeats.

The Ontario ISP has outsourced support to a compqany in Boston who in turn has outsourced it to the Philippines. As you may already have anticipated, the perfectly nice Philippinas who answer there want me to reboot my computer, reboot my modem and so on. To make it worse, the ISP's public web page lists a Manitoba toll number for Nova Scotia access.

I need to identify the company who maintains & configures the toll-free number, contact them and get them to fix the problem.

But I don't know how to do that. Any suggestions?

- - Mike Spencer Nova Scotia, Canada

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Mike, you need to talk to an Assemblyman I know of: his name is (really, I couldn't make this stuff up, and I even have relatives in Canada) Bill Horne.

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/PLEASE/ tell him I sent you. ;-)

Bill Horne Moderator

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