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I've had an 800 number with Telus in Canada for about 15 years. But I make and receive very few business calls so I'm thinking of terminating my business land line. To which the 800 number rings. That's also my only copper land line.

So in the interest of saving me about $100 or $120 per month I'd like to cancel my business number and get a personal number. Thus losing my white and yellow page ad but that's fine too. (The extra cost is due to the ADSL line also on that same copper pair which is at business rates.)

But I'd like to retain the 800 number. I very much doubt that Telus will let me "point" it at the personal land line. But maybe they will? Who knows.

I just setup a Skype Onlnie Number for use on my websites. Will Telus allow me to forward my 800 # to that Seattle phone number? Again I rather doubt it.

Any suggestions for some means of keeping the 800 number?

Note that I do not own a TV thus I don't have a cable TV subscription so that's out. Besides I'd like to keep a copper based land line as I feel those are more reliable in disaster situations.

Thanks, Tony

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Tony Toews [MVP]
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