Help!! I am trying to find a replacement for my alarm panel which has gone faulty. The panel is an Omnicron 9000 it protects my work place and also links with the smoke detection, if i have a problem the auto dialer phones a given number and informs us the fire alarm or intruder has been triggered.

I'm looking for a replacement either the same or any other recommended product.

I've searched the internet but with no luck......

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Steve Birt
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There are many different options to replace this system. With the implementation of the new regulations EN-50131, your best bet would be to talk to a local security company to discuss with them what they would recommend.

Paul Ekins

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Paul Ekins

There are many equipment alternatives.(most of which are better than the Omnicron)

The first Issue is INSURANCE. If you wish your insurers to make any allowances for or if they make any requirements for your Alarm System you will need to go to a reputable Installer and have a Maintenance contract as well. (SSAIB or NACOSS inspectorate registered)

There is no point in installing a system that is not acceptable to your insurer if they have certain requirements within your policy.

If there is no Insurance requirement for the alarm then you can go ahead and fit what you like.

Personally I wouldnt go for a combined unit.

A simple cheap alternative would be the Pyronix Sterling 10 LCD (For the alarm Control System) & the Menvier SD1+ for the Speech Dialler.

These two work together well. If you want something a bit more sophisticated for the dialler you could look at the Pyronix Vocaliser but you need to be careful where you site microphones and speakers, & you will probably need to incorporate a relay so that you can switch off the internal sounder so that you can listen through the microphone.

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