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Was asked about one of the CA66 panels today. Customer wants a quote to replace system using existing wiring. Quick question, does anyone know if this is standard 4 wire or ID biscuits.


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Paul Ekins
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Hi Paul As far as I know Chub like ADT have used numerous panels (Scantronics ,ADE ,Tunstal and even Honeywell ) all with the Chub logo unless there is a Chub engineer on group who can ID the panel from the chub name your best bet is to open up a device and look at the wiring. In the mean time will ask around in case you get no other posts.


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Thanks for the reply CJ. I haven't been able to find out anything about this panel so I have taken the easy option and quoted a 595 with ID card. That way I can be sure to have the correct kit when we arrive at site. Not a local job and customer was after a price on email without site visit.

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