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I've been asked to look over some plans for a housing tract. I've worked with inside wiring for 15+ years and have had to deal with a lot of outside plant techs -- so I know how things are put together, etc.

However, I've now realized that while I know the mechanics -- I don't really know about the standards to which things are built. Does anyone have any suggestions for which standards I should look over to gain some familiarity with this field?

I know what good plant looks like, and I certainly don't expect to become an expert in short order -- but I would like to have more insight. So far, it seems like the EIA/TIA standards cover a great deal of ground, and encompass/reference a number of other publications. In particular, I found: EIA/TIA 607 Grounding and Bonding of Communication Systems EIA/TIA 758 Customer Owned Outside Plant Cabling

Are there any other standards I should be looking at?

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John Osmon
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I'd suggest perusing the Telcordia publications-

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Howard Eisenhauer

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