You got to be kidding#%&^ me

Got a call to day from a convenience store I put an alarm system in

1979 and old FBII 685 they wanted to know since there no longer running the store 24 hrs if I could come by and reactivate the system for them. I just hung up the phone.
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nick markowitz
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You did the right thing!

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Today I got a call and the first thing out of the woman's mouth was "Do you give FREE estimates??" I said: "Is that important??" She said: "Yes". I said: "Then just remember that I am giving up my time, gas and efforts, but yes I give free estimates." She said: "I will call you back." Click

They are always a problem when they start out that way. Some people???????????


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If they start out trying to compare specific things.

How much is YOUR monitoring?

What packages do you offer?

Any statement that has the word JUST or ONLY as one of the first couple words.

I imagine we all have our list of hot buttons that quickly classify callers into the something for nothing crowd.

One of the big ones for me is, "Are you bidding XYZ part of ABC job?"

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Bob La Londe

Damn that's an old one.

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Jim Rojas

It's just a thought but, depending upon the circumstances, the customers attitude and whether I was busy or not, I might have said ......... Well, I'll have to come and take a look at it and then discover something that would prevent me from using that equipment and requiring a new panel and sensors. Or, .......... I'll have to take some time to determine if the sensors, wiring, panel are still and working condition ( for the cost of a service call) get cash for the call and then tell them that it has to be up-graded.

Payback's a bitch.

I guess you can tell what kind of a market I work in ...... Huh? I think the only one here who would know, is Jim Rojas. Jim? Just to let you know ..... it's worse now than it was when you were here. THAT's fer sure.

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RHC: Yeah, I have to kind of agree. If this party had called me, I would have simply told him that the equipment is too old to put back in service, and that I will put him back on line for X dollars (the price of a panel and keypad plus labour), and warn him the price might be more if the motions are ancient and the smoke is more than 5 years old and must be replaced (as it surely would in this case). His reaction to these prices would tell me right away if this is another cheapskate, or another of the "something for nothing" crowd !!...or someone legitimately looking to get back in service properly

This would have been in advance of my bothering to get out of my office chair, and would tell me whether to hang up on the guy, or make an appointment to install his new system... No use turning the guy off if there's business to be had !!

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RHC: Quite right ! There are a few things worth remembering in the new world of business today...

Business has two purposes; to help people, and to make money. Sometimes one must take priority over the other depending upon the circumstances...

What goes around comes around.....

And lastly it pays to remember, the internet has changed the world in many ways. An unkind word or act; a dishonest answer; an uncaring attitude or action can spread far beyond the person slighted. It takes years to build a good and honest reputation, and you can lose it in a heartbeat.....

For example, in our business, if a customer brings you a takeover of an equipment make you don't wish to handle, and it's still usable, find another like minded dealer who can take it over. I do this all the time with ADT Ademco equipment which I don't want to touch. No use selling the client a new panel when his old one is perfectly good. It helps another small dealer in the area and also makes sure the client doesn't end up screwed by ADT again....

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