You got to be F*&%^ing kidding me II

Had a company I gave a bid to 7 years ago for a camera system after they had a case of vandalism and they never did any thing with it. Now they had another incident and there insurance company is telling them to get a system or no more coverage and they called and wanted to know if I could still do the work for the bid I gave them. 7 years ago. I just laughed and hung up the phone.

talk about F&^%$ ing looser

Then another asshole contractor who I did work for on a fire alarm who never finished paying me calls other day and is in a bind and needs a fire system put in and needs me to come bid a job for him and put in a fire alarm another F*&^%$ing dreamer. How this asshole has even stayed out of jail amazes me.

Screw me once shame on them screw me twice shame on me. So many F&^ %ing losers around me. I could write ten books and 20 movie plots

Then again this is a blue state and a blue city that's the buckle of the rust belt.

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nick markowitz
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Tell the TV guy that you'll do the job at the old price ...... with old equipment.

Tell the Fire guy that you need a check to do the estimate that will be applied to the job. Make it for the amount that he owes you. Upon receipt of the check, just make the estimate so ridiculosly high that he wont give you the job.

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That sounds like a good idea. Thanks

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