I know this is possible... I want a wi-fi home alarm which monitors my doors motion detector smoke detector and sends me a notification onto my smartphone. If needeed i can view my cameras mounted around my house and decide for myself if i want to call the police or whatever i want to do, instead of paying some alarm company.... is this available???

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Sure, but you should know that this group consists of ...." some alarm companys"

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RHC: Yes, I believe there wireless panels available on a do it yourself basis that meet your criteria. However, I, and likely most others on this group, don't deal with low end, non professional equipment of this sort. Cameras or not, professional alarm equipment is always monitored for a lot of different reasons, most of which I'm sure you would find a reason to disagree with to justify not spending money.

Your security is your business; if you believe a cell phone is sufficient and reliable, there is little I can add based on many years in the business that clearly indicates otherwise.

Good luck to you sir; you'll likely need it

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Yeah it is, but you have to go through an alarm company :-)

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Russell Brill

It can be done peace meal tie an alarm panel to a DVR which excepts alarm triggers and sends an email to your phone thru internet you still have to pay for this theirs no supervision if wiring is cut etc. and risky way of doing it if trigger is not received and transmitted. But to get it all in one package like total connect etc you will need to go thru a dealer I know plenty of people who have tried to cheat the alarm dealer and go there own route and paid for it dearly when things where not properly done and that goes for radio and Tv stations who try doing there own there remote transmit sites. Never fails the time you need to react is when your phone is out of range temporarily or being blocked by building your in.etc. Then how do you call 911 if your in another county you need the 10 digit back number etc. lots of things which need thought thru so a tragedy does not occur.

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nick markowitz


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