Dood you have to use it...or you will lose it.

Client calls 6x the other night (I usually don't answer late night calls from CID's from out of state) but I finally did. Dood I got robbed! Me: Oh shit the system didn't work? Him: No, my wife didn't arm the system.

Lost over 40K in jewelry alone. The dog slept The birds were quiet for the 1st time ever.

We have so much detection in that house a mouse couldn't move 3 feet without setting something off...and they didn't arm the system.

Now we put a radio backup in and he wanted cameras until I told him the price...he'll think about it. Yah...the shock of getting broken into is wearing off already :-)


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That's why I like the auto-arm feature in some panels almost all my business and even some residential customers use it so in case they walk out and to forget to arm system it auto arms for them and warns when it did not arm properly.

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nick markowitz

Yah, Nick but for residences or busy businesses auto-arm is a PITA because someone has to know how to extend the closing time :-)

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RHC: Pretty common really ! Lots of people are robbed because they forget to look their doors ! Good physical and electronic security won't do you a damn bit of good if you forget "basic security" measures....duh

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Yeah but ... but .... my neighbors watch my house and someone is always there .... an an..... they have a dog that barks alot!

We have a dog too .... he's big and a really good watch dog too. Don't know why he didn't bark when you came in though. He must like you. Oh ..... there he is ..... over there, spread out on the couch.

I've never locked my doors, in all the years I've lived here and nothing has ever happened.


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RHC: Yeah, it only takes once! You may have driven all your life and never had an accident; however, tomorrow, take your eyes off the road for a second and BAM. Same with "basic security" measures. That's why they have to be a habit - part of your daily routine...part of an "intelligently cautious" mindset".

On the other hand, nothing like preaching to the converted....:))

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