What is going on with SGI?

I quit doing business with them over a year ago, because I got tired of them shippping me used product as new. Used, broken, dirty. Not kidding. I took pictures of some of it for proof. Heck some of it still had other companies stickers on it. Anyway, now I heard that they have gone totally ape shit over collections even on little bitty accounts. Never mind where I heard that. I'm not going to tell you. If you don't believe it that's ok. I only heard it second hand from somebody who knows somebody in the collection business. Sounds like a company that is going out of business to me. I quit doing business with them quite a while ago. Seems like they only had one or two good guys in the whole company anyway. I was talking to a friend who owns another company, and he was telling me they have been having to dropship more and more product or order it in and then reship it out to him. If you like those guys you better run right over there and buy something from them to keep them going.

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That's enough proof for me.

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LOL. I don't know about all that, but I have received used, broken, and dirty equipment from SGI in the past. Usually from their Texas branches, although they are not the only guilty parties in the company. I have an X255 in my shop right now with a broken lock in the can, and a master code label that looks like it was peeled off and then put back on. I got a $5000 Pelco DVR once that was dirty and looked used. The replacement shipped (tape had been cut open on this one too) from the same branch failed in a couple weeks. Another time I got a Dedicated Micros DVR that was so obviously used it was painful. It still had the company decal on it from the outfit that returned it. The replacement for that one had also had the tape cut open so I checked it in the shop before installing it and it had surveillance video for 9 cameras on it. Also, in the last year they have not had full stock on hand (like they have in the past) of a lot of common things I have been buying from them. I also know their pricing has started to climb up above their competition. Not just some items they are good on, and some items they are high on like with any vendor, but across the board. Just a few points, but when its across their entire line of products it starts to raise some red flags. I have continued to buy from SGI until just recently out of a sense of personal loyalty to Vern and Joe in the Phoenix branch, but I have to be honest. The company as a whole is starting to make Tri-Ed look better, and you all know how I feel about Tri-Ed. LOL.

Actually, you know who is treating me a lot better? Northern Video. Yes, I said it. 7 or 8 (maybe longer, I forget) years ago I burned my bridges with them. Put them on my hell freezes over list and then burned the list. Well, I let them talk me into doing a little business with them a couple years ago, and they are like a whole different company, and competitive too. I actually have people I can communicate with and get answers. People who will help research a problem and get back to me with solutions. I still don't trust them to be a short time period response/demand supplier, but there are a couple people there who I trust to atleast get back to me.

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