Trouble? with Vista Panel

I have an ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 system which seems to be an ADT branded Ademco Vista 15 Panel. I own the system.

I recently cancelled my service with ADT. They changed my Installer Code to a simple number and gave it to me. The system was fine in subsequent weeks.

Then we had a fire alarm activation.(Wife burned the chicken.) I turned off the racket by pressing the off button and it stopped. I then used our regular master-code-plus-off to clear the touchpad's memory of the fire alarm. That worked, too.

But, ever since this event, I noticed that all buttons on all of my three touchpads are permanently illuminated. It is a very low-level light. Is this a fault condition, or were these lights always on and I just did not notice them, especially with the swing-down front door closed. Is this so owners can push the buttons in the dark?

The burglar alarm system is working OK. It can be alarmed and disarmed from the touchpads.

If this is a fault, how can I resolve this problem? Hate to pay $ 200 for a service call if this is a normal condition.

Would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks

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Yes...they are suppose to be illuminated at all times, or else you can't disarm the system in the dark. The alphanumeric display does blank out when not in use to conserve power.

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Jim Rojas

Thank you very much, Jim, this puts my mind at rest.

About 50 years ago, I had a security system which was very simple: You turned it either on or off. Those were the only modalities. Today's panels are incredibly complex for the uninitiated, especially for people with an 80 year old brain. Thanks again.

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