This technology had been used as a weapon

Without a doubt, there are a lot of errors in this testimonial since it was translated by software.

In 1990, I receive some technology in my body when two murders were blamed on me. I did not know the victims.

It is a rather special technology, today everyone can imagine, without difficulty, that one can introduce in the body of a human being a sophisticated system of surveillance.

This system allowed me to exonerate myself about these people who were suppressed, personally, I had chosen justice, I went to see several lawyers, I did not know this system. Canada is not participating alone in this type of investigation; the international community, i mean several countries, is involved.

I was contacted during the winter of 2018 to inform me that blood was flowing in the region of my heart. I was then told that I had been the victim of an attack. This technology had been used as a weapon to make me disappear as the investigation began to pin down those responsible for the summer 1990 murders. Contact involved a Canadian laboratory, as well as a Japanese team. Reports or tests would have been falsified to make the international community believe in a natural death. This crime, of great cowardice since one cannot defend oneself, obviously occurred in the winter of 2004, Canada was headed by Paul Martin.

Another step, I was offered $ 30,000 dollars to compensate me. I immediately refused it. Later, I suggested, trying to think as Canadians think, to ban for life, from these famous laboratories, those responsible for the crime. This time, it was they who refused and they went, or had already gone, paid the famous sum in another country, to an unidentified person.

I am therefore not bound by any agreement, which allows me to reveal here, to everyone, this sad story.

Steve Brown

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Steve Brown
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Please contact me. My name is Bond, James Bond. My phone number is 007-555-4312

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No its Davis, James Davis. Darn trolls can't keep their nyms straight.

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now you've given away my secret identity damn you!

It's the GoldFinger to you!

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