Fluke Intellitone 200 - Anyone Used This?


I am trying to decide between:

1) Fluke Intellitone 200 digital Tone and Probe kit or 2) Tempo (Progressive Electronics) 200 FP filter probe with 77HP/6A tone generator plus AT8L LAN toner.

The nice thing about the Fluke is that it does both analog telephone and digital LAN with one toner.

Both are about the same price. Fluke claims improved performance with its digital technology. However, I've seen a couple customer opinions on the Fluke Intellitone, and they were mixed. Some said the Fluke was great at finding wires in walls, but Tempo analog unit was better at probing individual wires in a cable. There wasn't a lot of information, though.

Anyone want to let me know what they think?

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Michael Adams
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